Red Heart on Computer Keyboard Online Dating ConceptOnline dating has been around for a while, but its popularity seems to be higher now more than ever. This is, in part, thanks to the advent of convenient dating apps. However, the fact that more successful couples are meeting online and being open about it has also contributed to the expansion of the virtual dating world.

With more and more single people giving online dating a try these days, your chances of finding a match are pretty good. If you’re considering signing up for an online dating site, here are a few statistics that can shed some light on what to expect!

1) 36% of Canadians are dating online.

As the number of safe and easy-to-use dating sites and apps increases, so does the number of users. In Canada, 36% of the population is dating online—and that number continues to grow. Since 2010, the usage of online dating services has increased by $6 million.

2) Men account for 52.4% of online dating users.

On average, more men than women use online dating sites and apps. Men account for 52.4%, while women account for 47.6% of users.

3) But 6 in 10 of those men feel they don’t get enough attention online.

Out of all those male online daters, about 57% have said they don’t receive enough messages. 30% of women, on the other hand, say they get too many messages from online dating.

4) About half of all online dating users say they’ve lied on their profile.

53% of online dating users total have admitted to lying on their profile. Men are apparently more likely to be misleading, as 40% of men say they’ve lied compared to 20% of women. Most of these fibs are about age, height, weight, or job/income, in an effort to seem more attractive. Don’t let this deter you from signing up though; as long as you know how to spot online dating red flags, you’ll be able to weed out the phonies!

5) 20% of couples who are currently in a committed relationship met online.

The most common way married couples say they’ve met (63% of them) is through a friend. Online dating is the next most common means of connection, with meetups at a bar or club coming in last.

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