Online Dating for Singles 40+ in Vancouver

Dating is hard as it is, especially when you’re older. And do you know what doesn’t help? A global pandemic that hits the 60+ population hardest.

Along with the general havoc that has been unleashed on the world, the coronavirus has brought with it a whole new set of complications for people searching for new relationships or simply trying to keep existing ones alive. How are you supposed to get to know someone better when you have to stay six feet apart? Or how can you keep up the romance if you’re stuck in the house together, day after day, with no one else to interact with?

Fortunately, humans are pretty good at adapting over time. A lot of creative date night ideas have emerged in the last few months that can provide the perfect evening of fun and romance for couples quarantining together and apart. Check out this list of some of our favorites!

1) Enjoy a fancy dinner at home.

Indoor dining restrictions don’t mean you have to settle for microwaved dinners or cheap takeout on date night. Treat yourself and your date to an elegant dinner right in your very own home! Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen:

  • Takeout from your favorite fancy restaurant OR a new recipe you can try to cook together
  • Candles
  • Background music
  • Your best dinnerware
  • An elegant date night outfit

Put it all together and you have the perfect authentic DIY romantic dinner. Quarantining in separate places? No problem. Go through the same set up in your individual homes and share your dinner via video chat instead!

2) Learn something new in a virtual class.

Developing a new skill or exploring a new hobby together is a great way to connect with someone, whether it’s your first date or 50th. There are plenty of virtual classes to choose from online—many of which are being offered for free while we’re all still encouraged to stay home!

Choose something both you and your date have never done to make it fun and challenging for both of you. It could be a cooking class, art lesson, learning a new language, or even a virtual dance class. Get together to complete your lessons or do it over Zoom.

3) Take a virtual museum tour.

Museums are great for dates, especially when you’re just getting to know someone. They give you a lot to talk about and an opportunity to learn more about your date’s interests and opinions on art, culture, history and many other subjects.

Although a lot of museums are still closed or at limited capacity, the good news is that many are now offering virtual tours, so you can plan a museum date from the comfort of your own couch! A virtual visit will be less exhausting, less expensive, and make for a special quarantine date night. Plus, you can choose from museums all over the world that you normally wouldn’t be able to visit anyway.

4) Have a game night.

We’re all carrying a little extra stress around these days, so a date night where you can both let loose and blow off some steam is exactly what you need right now. Game nights are guaranteed fun and a chance to see your date’s competitive side. Whether you go virtual or stick to old-fashioned board games, it’s an easy way to relax, forget about reality for a few hours, and spend some quality time with your partner.

Want to spice things up a little more? Get creative and turn a regular game into a drinking game. Or, make it interesting with a bet—whoever loses the most that night has to plan the next date!

5) Take to the trails.

Coronavirus particles have a harder time traveling from one person to another when you’re outside in the constantly circulating air. That means that outdoor activities are your safest bet for a date right now.

Hit your local hiking trails for an exciting, adventurous date option! If you and your date are experienced hikers, make it an all-day event and pack a picnic lunch. Or, if walking is more your speed, meet up at your favorite park for a romantic stroll and good conversation. An outdoor date is a great opportunity to get out of the house you’ve been cooped up in for months and hangout with your partner in your own little world.

Don’t let quarantine stop you from making connections. My Safe Dating offers 40+ singles in Metro Vancouver the chance to find and get to know one another safely and at their own pace. Enjoy access to our secure virtual messaging tools—including text chat, voice-only chat, and video chat—to grow your relationship and practice social distancing at the same time.

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