Online Dating Site in VancouverOver the past few years, online dating has shed most of its stigma and become a common way to meet new people. Getting to know someone over the internet may seem easier than old-fashioned dinner dates and phone calls, and in many ways it is. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for error.

There are a lot of common mistakes people make when they attempt online dating. Some overlap with the same missteps many fall victim to in traditional forms of dating, while some are unique to an online forum. Either way, if you want to find success in the online dating world, you’ll have to make every effort to avoid these faux pas. Check out a few of the things people do that kill an online connection before it can get off the screen!

Mistake #1: Not putting effort into your profile.

Your online dating profile is your first impression on every potential match. If it’s not a good impression, then it will be your last one too. It’s important to make an effort when creating your profile. Don’t skip the bio or just plug in boring generic content like your age and a few one-word interests. Take the time to write something that really represents you and shows why you would be a great person to get to know.

Mistake #2: Choosing the wrong photos.

Just like your profile bio, your online dating photos should be carefully curated to give someone a better idea of not just what you look like, but also who you are. Have at least 4-5 photos (or more) in your profile that show variety. You should have a few closer up face shots, a full body, and one or two that show your interests and/or personality. Make sure the photos you select are an accurate representation of what you look like currently.

Mistake #3: Waiting to be found.

It takes two to tango—successfully, at least. When you’re serious about meeting new people and finding a match, you need to be proactive about looking for a connection. If you just sit around waiting for someone to message you, you’re going to miss out on a lot of great opportunities and potential futures. The best way to find success with online dating is to put in the time and effort to search for a match and reach out to the ones who interest you.

Mistake #4: Judging someone too quickly.

No matter how you go about dating, if you don’t give anyone a chance, you’ll never find what you’re looking for. Try to focus on the positives when talking to new people and give yourself time to really get to know them. Don’t write them off just because they make one unfunny joke or aren’t as tall as you’d like. Unless there’s an obvious red flag or disconnect, put some time and effort into talking to them before you make any decisions. If you keep dismissing people too quickly, you’ll just get frustrated with online dating and give up before it has a chance to work.

Mistake #5: Not trying a paid account.

A lot of people scoff at the idea of paying for an online dating account. But the truth is, the people who spend money on online dating are the ones who are serious about making a connection. With a paid subscription, you’re more likely to match with someone who shares your dating and relationship goals. Plus, you’ll have access to exclusive features that are designed to help you succeed.

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