40+ Dating Site for Metro VancouverNo matter how old you are or which platforms you’re using, there is one thing every person looking to find their next companion through the Internet has to master: the art of the online dating profile. Crafting a profile that tells enough about you to get people interested can be challenging. You want to be clear about who you are and what you’re looking for, but still maintain a little mystery to draw in potential matches.

Finding the perfect words and pictures to represent yourself takes some practice and sometimes a bit of trial and error to land on the right ones. Before you get started, check out this list of our top online dating profile do’s and don’ts to help set you on the right path!

DO fill out every section.

Take advantage of every opportunity an online dating platform gives you to showcase who you are. This means answering every question (even ones that seem a little silly) and including as many photos as you’re allowed. The more someone feels like they know you at a first glance, they more likely they are to reach out to learn more. Just be careful not to include any highly personal or identifying information, such as your address, place of employment, your last name, etc. Those are details you can give out when you’re ready to someone you trust.

DON’T be negative.

The goal is to make your dating profile feel inviting to potential matches. A surefire way to put someone off is by making negative statements or having a negative tone before they even talk to you! Avoid saying anything about how you “hate” dating or dating apps and websites. Try not to be self-deprecating either, even as a joke—not everybody understands this type of humor, especially over a screen. A positive profile will make people more interested in starting a conversation and getting to know you.

DO talk about details unique to you.

Your online dating profile should engage with people and give them a good sense of who you are and if you would be a good fit in a partner. If you describe yourself using clichés and generic statements, you’re not really saying much at all. Instead, aim to include photos and facts in your profile that paint a picture that others can connect with and use to form a detailed impression of you. For example, instead of writing that you “love to travel,” write about your favorite personal travel experience.

DON’T choose photos that hide you.

Make it easy for people who view your online profile to see and identify your face with the pictures you select. Have a good number of photos where your face is clearly visible, smiling, and not in a group. A few group or action shots are good to sprinkle in, but it shouldn’t be confusing for people to put your face to your name. If potential matches have to struggle to determine which face is yours in your pictures, they’re more likely to just swipe right or hit “next”.

DO be honest.

A majority of people who are serious about finding a partner value honesty above all else. It can be tempting to tell a white lie or be misleading in your profile to make yourself look better, but is that truly a foundation on which you can build a strong relationship? Definitely not. Be open and truthful about who you are and what you’re looking for. Don’t lie about your age, physical traits, or interests, and be upfront about important aspects of your life (such as your career or that you have children).

DON’T be afraid to get a second opinion.

It can be hard to be objective about yourself when you’re trying to create an honest and detailed online dating profile. Not everyone is easily able to recognize what makes them unique or attractive to a potential partner. Asking a friend to help you write your profile or identify your best qualities is a good way to overcome that issue. It’s always good to have an outside perspective to provide suggestions and point out anything that needs clarifying.

When you create your profile with My Safe Dating, you don’t have to spend hours inputting all of your personal details to get started. You decide how open you want to be on your profile and when someone gets to learn more. We’re simply here to provide a secure platform for you to find the right person in your Vancouver area who’s worth opening up to.

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