Online Dating Website for Metro VancouverValentine’s Day is one of those traditions that everyone seems to have a different opinion about. Some couples embrace it and go all out with romantic gifts and date night plans. Other couples choose to ignore the holiday altogether. Then there are the many who fall somewhere in between, taking the opportunity to do a little something together but not making it a huge deal.

When you’ve just started dating someone, that first Valentine’s Day can be nerve wracking. After all, you have to gauge where on the celebration scale they fall, and then plan something that hits the mark in between too much for a new relationship and not enough. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some tips to help you and your partner have a first Valentine’s Day that feels just right!

Talk about it first.

Like we said, everybody feels different about Valentine’s Day. The easiest way to make sure you and your S.O are on the same page? Just talk about it! Bring up the discussion a few weeks before the holiday arrives and go over some important points. Decide if you guys want to celebrate, how big you want to go, what the day means to you, if you’re exchanging gifts, and how big you want to go with those too. With everybody’s expectations all out in the open, nobody has to get hurt, blindsided, or feel pressured.

Don’t go crazy with gifts.

In the beginning stages of your relationship, gifts should be simple if you decide to exchange for Valentine’s Day. Since you’re still getting to know each other, it can be difficult to determine what kind of gift will be appropriate for your current relationship level. On the one hand, you don’t want to get them something too small like a keychain and leave them feeling like you don’t care that much. On the other hand, you don’t want to write them a love sonnet and come on too strong.

A safe bet is to go with a Valentine’s Day classic, like candy, flowers, or jewelry. If you’ve been going out for a little longer, consider gifting them something small that you know they’re going to like and shows you pay attention to their interests. Or, you can talk about gifts ahead of time and decide to exchange favorite books or movies, or put a cap on price. This will help take the stress out of the gift-giving process.

Consider choosing a lowkey setting.

An intimate candlelit dinner or spa weekend getaway can be a lot of pressure early in a relationship. If you’re still getting your feet on the ground as a couple, opt for a more casual date night situation for your Valentine’s Day plans. Something relaxing like a movie, favorite bar, or casual brunch can be a fun, stress-free option. You could also choose an activity that will keep you busy and give you something natural to talk about, such as hiking, ice skating, or a trip to a museum.

Use it as an opportunity.

Depending on how far along your new relationship is, Valentine’s Day can be a good opportunity to talk openly about your feelings for each other and your relationship status. If you’re ready, use it as a chance to show your affection and define your connection. If you’ve been dating for a few weeks, it might be romantic to officially ask your partner to be your girlfriend/boyfriend. Or, if you’re a few months in, it could be a good time to drop the big “L” word. Even if you’re not at a point where you’re ready to move to the next level, Valentine’s Day can still be a good reason to check in with one another and see where you’re at.

Above all else, just have fun!

Remember—Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun! Try not to get stressed and overthink your plans, gifts, or what the other person is feeling. Just communicate openly to figure out what type of celebration is right for you guys as a couple at this point. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be anything more than a chance to enjoy spending some time together.

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