Online Dating Website in VancouverThe guy with a single mirror selfie; the woman who only posts group shots; the person whose every photo is taken from 15 feet away; anyone who has ventured onto a dating app or website has witnessed these photo faux pas (and likely hit the “next” button). Your online dating photos are basically your self-marketing strategy. Choosing the right pictures to represent yourself is crucial for creating an appealing profile that shows people who you are and helps them decide if they’re interested in learning more. Don’t worry though—we’ll tell you everything you need to know to choose a set of online dating photos that stun!

Post more than one photo.

A single photo is not enough for someone to get an accurate impression of what you look like. The general guideline for most online dating forums is to have at least four profile photos, but no more than twelve. Having more pictures shows people that you’re putting in a real effort to make a connection and gives them a better idea of what you look like.

Make sure there’s variety in the photos you choose.

Five photos of you making the same face taken at the same angle don’t say much about you to a potential match. Choose photos with a mix of different poses, facial expressions, and backgrounds. One or two group photos are okay too, as long as you have plenty of other lone images that make it clear which one you are. Variety in your pictures will help people learn a little bit more about who you are and pique more interest overall.

Use recent photos that really look like you.

If you spent a few weeks chatting with someone online only to meet up in person and realize that they’re ten years older now than in their pictures, wouldn’t you feel a little bamboozled? You don’t want to mislead anyone about how you look by posting photos that are heavily edited, from a long time ago, or lit, angled, or otherwise manipulated to alter your true appearance. Use photos that were taken recently (enough so that you still look the same), offer a realistic portrayal of you, and that you feel confident about.

Choose photos that show off your personality.

The best (and most successful) online dating photos offer others a glimpse of who you are and the lifestyle you lead. Not every shot has to be you looking at the camera straight on in a bright room (although you should have at least one of these). Don’t be afraid to include photos that reflect your interests, experiences, or personality. An action shot of you playing your favorite sport; a vacation photo from your favorite travel destination; a goofy selfie of you and your pet; a picture in your last Halloween costume; these are all photos that say something interesting about you and can serve as great conversation starters.

Try to use only high-quality images.

Again, your online dating photos are supposed to give people a realistic and authentic idea of what you look like. A shadowy selfie taken on a night out isn’t going to do that very well. Try to find photos that are of high or at least decent-quality, in which you can be seen clearly and accurately. Avoid any images that are too dark, blurry, taken from very far away, or cropped funny.

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